A network of registered volunteers for Japanese people living in Canberra and its suburbs, regardless of whether they are members or non-members, or their families, who need help in the elderly, illness, injury, childbirth, etc. We are engaged in emergency and emergency assistance activities for those who are. In addition, we also provide various welfare-related information and information for newcomers to Canberra. If a volunteer goes on a business trip, the actual cost such as bus fee and parking fee will be borne by the client. If the volunteer travels by car, please pay $ 5 for gasoline directly to the volunteer.

Currently, you can volunteer to: Help with shopping, help with household affairs, drive a car, talk to someone, cook Japanese food, accompany, take care of children, interpret, prepare documents, contact by phone, deliver to home, pet Care and provision of information by telephone

Please do not hesitate to contact the following staff and consult with us not only in an emergency but also when it is expected that your life will be difficult.

In addition, CJC’s support network and volunteers place the highest priority on confidentiality.

Contact information: sn@canberrajapanclub.org.au

⁂ However, the normal support network activities will be suspended until the coronavirus infection is resolved and unnecessary and unurgent outing prohibitions and social distance rules are lifted. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that the decision is made with your safety first.

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