Canberra life information

Canberra is the capital of Australia. It belongs to the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and is located 280 kilometers southwest of Sydney and 660 kilometers northeast of Melbourne. With a population of 358,000, it is the eighth largest city in Australia and the largest on land in Australia.

Canberra is home to government agencies such as the Parliament of Australia, the Prime Minister’s Office and the High Court, as well as more than a hundred embassies. In addition to the capital function, there are many social and cultural facilities such as the Australian War Memorial, the Australian National University, the Australian National Sports Institute, the National Gallery of Australia, the National Museum of Australia, and the National Library of Australia. .. The Australian Army’s educational institution is the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and the Australian Defense University in Canberra.

Support network

A network of registered volunteers for Japanese people living in Canberra and its suburbs, regardless of whether they are members or non-members, or their families, who need help in the elderly, illness, injury, childbirth, etc. We are engaged in emergency and emergency assistance activities for those who are. In addition, we also provide various welfare-related information and information for newcomers to Canberra. If a volunteer goes on a business trip, the actual cost such as bus fee and parking fee will be borne by the client.

Canberra life information

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Schools under CJC

The Canberra Japan Club has for many years facilitated a Japanese kindergarten class for members with infants, and more recently opened a Japanese language class for young (primary school age) Japanese speakers. Children enjoy these lively and fun learning experiences on Saturdays.

CJC Japanese Kindergarten


CJC Canberra Japanese Language School